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SailFreeGPS, your application for easy navigation

Discover navigation made easy with SailFreeGPS! Take your own navigation instruments on your phone or tablet to experience limitless maritime adventures. The SailFreeGPS application offers you a full range of features: display of your position, calculation of course and speed, management of your waypoints, your routes, anchor alarm, and much more. Whether you are an amateur sailor or a regatta enthusiast, SailFreeGPS accompanies you with precision and reliability.

Explore the oceans confidently and freely with SailFreeGPS by your side!


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SailFreeGPS Application

Over 750,000 downloads

Rating of 4.5/5 on stores

Used in over 150 countries

The skippers talk about it

User reviews

Excellent app. Clear display with all the information you might need, including the MOB. Could even use it as a primary GPS if all else fails.

Great application, it’s simple, effective and intuitive. Kudos to the developer.

Simple, effective and free. Very practical app in navigation because it goes to the essentials. I particularly appreciate the recently added ETA function which is very useful for managing the timing of its navigation. The icing on the cake is that the developer listens to its users. In short, a great little app that I systematically embark on a boat

I am a seafarer. I am an observer of maritime fisheries in Senegal. We collect statistical data for our research center and this application allows me to know the position of the vessel at all times without going to the bridge to see the track plotter or the GPS. It is a very useful application for us. I am also thinking of artisanal fishing. Fishermen who go to sea in boats. The application will be very useful for them.

Great app and super easy to use! Large display of speed, course and distance data, allows real-time analysis of the impact of settings. To install and use without hesitation

Great app for us sailors. Very easy to use and especially the features like Man Overboard and drift monitoring at anchor ⚓ ⚓ very appreciated! In a word: Top!

Great app and super easy to use! Large display of speed, course and distance data, allows real-time analysis of the impact of settings. Thank you for the 8 points!!! To install and use without hesitation

My story

About Fred, Sailfreegps developer

I have been a sailing enthusiast for over 25 years. My sailing history began with dinghy sailing, such as the Optimist, 420 and Laser, before I succumbed to the exhilarating sensations of windsurfing.

During my studies, I discovered sailing on habitable sailboats and I never left it. I trained at the french Glénan sailing school until I became a captain. Today, I practice sailing with family and friends during sailboat rentals. In addition, I have been the secretary of a sailing association for fifteen years, where I have the chance to introduce newcomers to the joy of living at sea.

The idea of creating this application came to me during a three-man transatlantic cruise on a 34-foot sailboat. Since then, I’ve been trying to add to it whenever I have a bit of free time. My aim is to develop an application that provides sailors with the information they need to navigate in a simple and practical way

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